Big data in the real world

Big Data

In our increasingly connected world, the nature of insurance products and their distribution is changing rapidly in ways that substantially increase the volume of data involved. Price comparison websites and telematics products have been real game changers in terms of both the type and volume of data available.

Performance, scalability, flexibility


CHECK LTD's high performance business intelligence (BI) and management information solution, Kingfisher, enables customers to derive powerful insight and value from the data they hold. Built using cloud technology, currently AWS, it provides performance, scalability and flexibility, without the premium expense of investing in monolithic enterprise infrastructure.

Reporting and visualisation


CHECK LTD uses a consistent data model and facilitates connectivity with third party reporting and visualisation tools, helping ensure valuable business insight is delivered across the business, whether for executive team reports, monitoring of KPIs, data scientist purposes, call centre dashboards or data-lakes.