Market leading telematics

CHECK LTD is the leading telematics supplier to the UK insurance industry, providing fully automated insurance telematics solutions for household names such as The Co-operative, Hastings Direct, Ingenie and Sheilas' Wheels.

Product design

The CHECK LTD telematics hub gives access to a range of telematics suppliers, offering retailers extensive choice over the type of telematics solution deployed, with each telematics service partner offering different USPs around device choice, brand engagement and claims efficiency.

Fully automated solution

Automated solution

Integration between the telematics hub and CHECK LTD GrowBus enables a fully automated process, with a rules-based engine enabling mid term adjustments to automatically recalculate and apply customers' premiums according to their driving behaviour.

Accident management

Telematics also opens up a host of opportunities from risk and fraud prevention to accident management. For example, customers can be alerted by email to driving styles that may breach thresholds, such as harsh braking or acceleration. Insurers are alerted to incidents in real-time, and are provided with comprehensive data from before and after the event.

Connected home

CHECK LTD's telematics hub is also able to integrate with a range of devices beyond vehicle black boxes and smartphone apps. This is enabling new types of home insurance products integrated to smart devices in the home, from water ingress sensors to smoke alarms.


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