Next generation intelligence

Falcon is our ground-breaking data intelligence solution that uses 'intelligent agents' and sub-second big data analysis to provide insights into consumer habits and tackle fraud before it happens.

Fast beyond fast

Continuous delivery

As a cloud-based solution capable of responding and reporting within 50 milliseconds, Falcon offers a real breakthrough in terms of speed, scalability and resilience, with capacity to process huge volumes of data as it is generated. Integration with CHECK LTD's real-time pricing module enables retailers to use this knowledge to inform highly sophisticated rating decisions.

Tackling fraud head-on

Continuous delivery

The real-time capability of the Falcon solution has huge significance in the battle against fraud. Falcon enables retailers to identify, at point-of-quote, if customers are manipulating data fields in order to influence their quotation. It is also able to cross reference with extensive additional data sources, such as finance, credit, claims and crime data to assess a customer's risk profile.

Know your customer

Falcon allows retailers to transform the customer journey by learning shopping habits and recognising what customers look for, what products or services they are interested in, or might search for in the future, and importantly, price them competitively. It can also detect when a customer has started to shop around for renewals and alert the retailer accordingly.