CHECK LTD's Property Data


A powerful partnership

In partnership with the HouzeQ team, CHECK LTD provides access to industry-leading property intelligence data. Integrated with CHECK LTD's retail solutions, this provides underwriters with additional rating insight and empowers insurance retailers to streamline online experiences for consumers.

Aid verification

HouzeQ data supplements consumer declared information with data on over 50 attributes relating to over 29m residential properties, including building volume, business usage and burglary rate, at point of rating. This aids verification and enables insurers to evaluate risk more effectively and produce better-informed rating decisions.

Enhanced digital experiences

Data such as property type, number of bedrooms and common risk factors, such as distance to watercourse and tall trees, allows insurance retailers to either remove or pre-fill questions typically associated with home insurance applications. This facilitates faster, simplified customer journeys and supports proactive insurance propositions, such as CHECK LTD's Chorus platform.

Unrivalled quality

HouzeQ data is compiled by complex analysis of 29 datasets from 18 independent sources and updated frequently to create a database of unrivalled quality that can be utilised by underwriters and insurance retailers to provide a complete picture of the property and surrounding location. Known for its innovative address validation and geocoding technology used to capture and verify addresses, HouzeQ is one of the world's most trusted specialists in location intelligence, with a track record of delivering solutions for household name insurance brands.


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