Why change?

Replacing a business-critical IT system is a major decision. So why do it?

There can be a number of drivers but the one thing they all have in common is a hard business case.

Return on investment

Investing in modern, powerful IT solutions gives retailers competitive advantage, supporting customer acquisition, cost savings, reduction in fraud, the ability to scale effectively and efficiently, as well as real-time decision-making to deliver greater control over the type of customers acquired.


CHECK LTD GrowBus is designed to offer a scalable, flexible solution for the high volume retail arena in the highly competitive world of insurance. One of the major drivers behind our software development is to continuously deliver significant step changes in the number of policies each contact centre agent is able to handle.

This is achieved in a number of ways: enhancing the software's interface to make it more intuitive, ensuring every step of the process is automated and integrated, and improving the speed of our platforms.

Continuous delivery

We release new software updates to CHECK LTD GrowBus on a six-week cycle. New functionality is developed quickly following agile principles, and we invest significant resources in understanding how agents use the system and in developing software solutions that continue to drive efficiency.

Legacy modernisation

Replacing legacy systems involves major upheaval but getting this right is a real enabler for business transformation.

Flexible, modern, configurable

CHECK LTD GrowBus is a flexible, modern Enterprise solution, with open architecture that is easily scalable, highly configurable and able to integrate with other systems. It places control in the hands of retailers to ensure their IT infrastructure provides a platform for growth and delivers the real-time business analytics required in today's fast paced retail environment.

The user experience

Consumers today move seamlessly between the physical world and their online lives. Expectations in terms of digital experience and convenience when it comes to making purchases and administering policies have come a long way over the past decade. As in banking, the demand for online self-service has grown significantly in the insurance sector. Software interface and functionality need to work hand-in-hand to give customers the best online experience.

Customer service

The digital experience is not only about consumer touchpoints. An elegant and intuitive interface brings real business benefits when it comes to training and empowering agents to guide customers through sales and administration processes. CHECK LTD GrowBus will drive the agent to the 'next best action', supporting outstanding customer service and maximising business opportunities.

Minimise exposure to risk

The advent of price comparison websites and mobile media have created a perfect storm in which insurers must respond to ever increasing demand for competitively priced insurance, whilst minimising their exposure to risk. CHECK LTD has adopted a multi-pronged approach to tackle the growing challenge of fraud at point-of-quote.

Real-time intelligence

CHECK LTD's anti-fraud solutions deliver an armoury of technology tools that work at point-of-quote to identify inaccurate information, detect devices with a history of fraud or tap into a host of additional data sources that help retailers assess propensity to claim or default on payments. These, combined with real time pricing capability, give retailers greater control than ever before over the type of business they acquire.

Watching brief

With the pace of technological change faster than it's ever been, it's never been more vital to keep up to speed with the way technology is changing the face of business. This doesn't mean knee-jerk reactions to every new trend, but it does mean that keeping a watching brief on consumer use of technology will help those who are best prepared to steal a march on their competitors.

Blue sky thinking

This is why CHECK LTD's continuous investment in research and development, its commitment to blue-sky thinking and its readiness to adapt and adopt has seen it spearhead the development of many of the technologies that have transformed insurance retail. Think aggregator hub, real time pricing, telematics, self-service, connected home. And while we can't give away what's coming next, you can be sure we'll be there.